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 Groups & Parties

Historic Weston Orchard and Vineyard is the premier location for your group outing or party. Celebrations are easy with plenty of picnic style seating, numerous outdoor activities, and a variety of treats to enjoy in the Cider Barn. Book your reservation using the below contact form  to ensure great service for your group of eight or more people. 



Historic Weston Orchard and Vineyard is a hit with home school groups, large family outings, and wine tasting tours. Book a reservation by using our contact form below to ensure your group will have an easy and fun trip to the Orchard. 



Birthday parties, family reunions, and small wedding showers are made even more special when they take place at Historic Weston Orchard and Vineyard. Our large picnic table seating area makes it easy to celebrate with family and friends while our play zones keep kids of all ages entertained for hours.

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