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Historic Weston Orchard & Vineyard is one of Kansas City's largest strawberry patches, home to 3 acres of strawberries. Our June bearing strawberries make for big and sweet fruit.  Come on out for some strawberry picking!  Our strawberry season starts at the beginning of May and lasts 2-4 weeks.

June Bearing Strawberries

Our June bearing strawberries are big and juicy with a sweet flavor.  They are ready to pick in early May and will last the whole month.  This is our first crop of the season and great way to enjoy some time with your loved ones in spring.  We plant our strawberries every fall and cover them over winter.  This allows us to uncover them in early spring helping them to be ripe and ready just for you.  We offer strawberry slushies, strawberry donuts and many other wonderful strawberry goods in the cider barn for your enjoyment when you are done picking. 

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