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Wine Tasting

Sample wines in a guided tasting, enjoy a slushie made from Weston Orchard wines and ciders, or take wine home to share with your friends.  Enjoy the best wines of Kansas City!

Taste 5 wines for $5!


Our dry red wine has earthy tones with a slightly spicy beginning followed by a smooth finish.  It pairs well with steak, lamb, red sauces, spicy dishes, & creamy desserts.

Dechaunac Wine

Tobacco Road

 A semi-dry Chambourcin that has a fruity finish with notes of blackberry.  It pairs well with pork loin, burgers, steak, red sauces, mushrooms, & chocolate cake.

Tobacco Road Wine


The Edelweiss grape was developed by professors at the University of Minnesota for its cold hardiness which makes it popular for Midwest grape growers.  With its crispness, this grape makes an outstanding wine.  It pairs well with fish and chicken.

1837 Wine

Kilee Dee

This is a sweet wine that creates an explosion of fruit flavors.  Those who enjoy a Moscato will enjoy this Weston specialty.

Kilee Dee Wine

Apple Pie

This is a sweet wine that is a mix of apple cider and apple wine.  It is a dessert wine that is distilled and blended to perfection.  The cinnamon overtones make it a standout from other wines.

Apple Pie Wine


A refreshing, sweet/tart wine made with our Montmorencey cherries.  This wine goes well with anything chocolate.

Cherry Wine


This wine is as fresh as the strawberries picked from a patch.  It has notes of strawberry jam on the nose and flavors of strawberry shortcake.  It is a wonderful summer wine. 

Strawberry Wine


Norton is the Missouri state grape. A rich bold cherry fruit with oak characteristics, that pairs well with barbeque, steak, or any red meats.

Norton Wine

Weston Rosé

 The Weston Rosé comes from our Frontenac grapes.  It is a full bodied red wine that has a hint of plum and black cherry.  It has a deep earthy depth and pairs well with any red meat.

Weston Rose Wine

Ben's Reserve

A Vignoles wine.  This is a sweet white wine that has a floral aroma and flavors of apricot, pineapple, and citrus.

Ben’s Reserve Wine


This sweet wine is made from the apples in our orchard and pressed right here.  It is one of our favorites for making summertime Sangria.

Apple Wine

Apple Raspberry

This sweet wine is a mix of 90% apples and 10% raspberries. It makes a truly wonderful warm weather sipping wine that also pairs delightfully with desserts.

Apple Raspberry Wine


Peach wine is a sweet, golden coloured wine that is full of the ripe flavour of summer.  It is light and refreshing with a perfect crisp balance of fruit and sweetness. 

Peach Wine
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